Case Studies

The Good Feet Store

– The challenge was to create a media campaign that would drive direct response to their stores over a long period of time.
Case Study under construction.


– This direct response company has a national footprint and needed media placement in dozens of markets as well as response tracking.
Case Study under construction.

Zanzi’s Pizza

– This Ohio pizza chain challenged us to develop a direct mail concept that would build their new customer base.
Case Study under construction.

Strategic Planning

M-Marketing is committed to helping you answer and implement these five questions. Who is your customer, or better yet, who should your customer be? What type of message, brand or offer will motivate and educate your current and potential customers? Where should you communicate with them that will maximize results for dollars spent? When should you communicate with them? And How should this all be tied together to get the greatest results?


Media Buying

We purchase media from these cities around the United States: Miami, FL Midland/Odessa, TX Corpus Christi, TX Lancaster, PA Kansas City, KS Oklahoma City, OK Rio Grand/Valley, TX Indianapolis, IN Nashville, TN Port Arthur, TX El Paso, TX Pittsburgh, PA Louisville, KY Abilene, TX Sacramento, CA Lima, OH Cincinnati, OH Austin, TX San Francisco, CA Miami, FL Toledo, OH Columbus, OH Chicago, IL Tallahassee, FL Cleveland, OH Philadelphia, PA Washington D.C. Jacksonville, FL Akron, OH Youngstown, OH Portland, OR Pearl, MS Houston, TX Phoenix, AZ