Newman Roofing LLC | Case Study


Newman Roofing LLC


Roofing Contractor


Single location in Sunbury, OH

Market Position:

Newman Roofing provides residential roof replacement and repair services in Central Ohio.


Radio Ads, TV Commercials, Digital Marketing, Ad Creative

Background: Newman Roofing LLC has been in the industry for over 30 years providing custom roofing services to Central Ohio families and residential property owners. Their commitment to integrity, quality craftsmanship and excellent customer service has established them as one of the best roofing contractors in their market. Because roofing is a one-time service with little need for maintenance over extended periods, there was a need to continuously gain new clients every day.

Challenge(s): Being in an industry full of fierce competition, Newman Roofing needed to do more than just depend on referral business. They needed a unique and powerful marketing strategy that would put them in front of potential consumers to drive more revenue. M-Marketing was called upon to develop new marketing strategies and ad creative for radio and TV advertising campaigns to improve brand awareness throughout the Greater Columbus Area.

Strategy: The primary goal was to establish a strong brand presence in Central Ohio and drive revenue. We achieved this by developing turn-key TV and radio advertising strategies as well as creating unique content for traditional and digital marketing purposes. From ad creative and placement to content marketing and media buying, M-Marketing Consultants has made a significant and positive impact on Newman Roofing’s bottom line.

Results: Newman Roofing has been in partnership with us for 10 years and during this period they have witnessed a steady rise in annual revenue from less than $1 million when we joined forces in 2011 to $10+ million as of today.