How Media Buying Can Increase Your Company’s Traffic

Are you wondering how a media buy agency can drive traffic for your business? Media buying is paid advertising for your business or your product. In a time when we hear a lot about “organic” traffic, is there still room for this type of marketing? The answer is a big astounding yes. Here is how a media buy can get the traction you need for your marketing campaign.

Buy Your Ad Space

In the old days, a “media buy” referred to buying ad time on television, radio, or a billboard. Today, the term applies to buying ad space on websites, social media, and other digital media outlets. New media buying gets the same traction online that old media buying got in real-time for businesses, products, and services.

It’s all about exposure. Today, media buying agencies keep their finger on what is hot online. Your ads may wind up on an influencer’s page. The media buyer uses their experience to find the best outlet for your advertising.

Brand Recognition and Association

How does it all work to your advantage? Let’s say you have a clothing brand and there’s an industry blog everyone checks out for “what to wear” recommendations. Placing an ad on that blog is going to get your brand recognized. Even if your brand is not specifically mentioned in the blog, just having an ad on that blog will get people talking about your brand. It will also get people to click on your ad to check your stuff out. Your brand will be associated with that popular blog and remembered because of it.

Great Returns

According to Hubspot, about 60% of businesses plan to increase their digital advertising budget specifically for Instagram ads, and 40% said that part of their budget would go to YouTube, Linkedin, and Facebook. Businesses are starting to grasp the idea that sometimes you have to spend to get the return you want. Investing in marketing can give you a great return on investment with the potential new customers you gain.

Learn more about how a media buy can improve your marketing strategy by giving us a call today! We want to ensure your business is growing to its full potential with the help of marketing.